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1. What is an Artifact Attribute?

Each Artifact has one or two so called “Artifact Attribute”(See the words in red in the below pic).


2. How does Artifact Attribute work?

When you equip an Artifact, its Artifact Attribute will take effect. You may check it on the “More Attribute” page.


3. What’s special about “Artifact Attribute”?

If you’ve equipped an Artifact, you will see the following when you tap it on the “Gears” page.


If you have noticed the few words in grey under the description of “Artifact Attribute”, it’s the special effect of an Artifact. To trigger that special effect, you have to match the prerequisite: enhance all equipped gears + 1. Then the words will turn green and indicate that the effect has been activated.


And that’s for a T1 Artifact, what about a T2, T3, T4… Artifact?  Well, first let’s first go to the “Devour” page.


Devour another Artifact to increase its tier to T2. Then you will get:


Then enhance all equipped gears +2, you will get:


4. How many “Artifact Attributes” are there?

Generally speaking, gear for each slot has one special “Artifact Attribute”, e.g. for Main-hand weapon, the Attribute is “Life Steal + n%”, for Belt, the Attribute is “HP + n%”. But don’t forget you may get Artifacts with two “Artifact Attributes” through “Special Forge”.


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