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Q: I cannot get the Gems/Monthly Card.
A: The network delay may cause this problem, you can do the purchase procedure again and do Not pay at the last step. If you still have this problem after doing so, please wait for 24 hours. Contact us, if you have not got your Gems after your 24 hours waiting.

Q: I cannot get the reward after I gave my comments on Googleplay.
A: You need to confirm that if you have given us your server &character number on the forum correctly, and the reward will be sent in 2 working days. If you have met all the conditions and still do not have the reward, please sent us the screenshot of your comments on the forum. We will check for you as soon as possible.

Q: I cannot claim the reward in the next day, and my quota of game feature purchase isn’t updated.
A: The end time of following features cooldown is 6:00 : Gold purchases, Quick Combat purchases, Boss Challenge purchases, and Purchase Challenges. Other features cooldown ends at 0.00. In case of the different time zone we are in, please make In Game Time as the standard.

Q: Why i don’t have Honor &Reputation after i won the battle in Arena.
A: According to your Arena Rank, the reward will be sent to players at 21:00 everyday.

Q: I cannot input any texts!!!
A: Switching Apps may cause this problem on some devices, please exit and restart the game.

Q: Nothing happens after I tick the Auto-Selling feature for Other Classes equipments.
A: Sorry for the inconvenience, we are going to fixed that as soon as posiible. At present, you could chose the Auto-Selling feature for common items(White &Green).

Q: How to trigger the special effect of Artifacts?
A: To trigger that special effect, you need to enhance your equipments to the reqiured level.

Q: How to upgrade the Guest Account to registed Account?
A: Exit the game and restart it, just follow the tips to get your account registed.

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